Special FX play a crucial role in elevating the impact and overall experience of live performances. We understand the significance of incorporating these effects into your events, and we offer a range of exciting options, all designed to create moments of excitement and visual spectacle.

The use of CO2 jets add a dynamic element to live performances. These jets shoot CO2 gas 40ft into the air, creating mesmerizing plumes of fog. This effect instantly captures the attention of the audience, intensifying the energy and heightening the anticipation. Whether it’s a concert, theatrical performance, or any live event, the impact of CO2 jets adds a level of drama and engagement that leaves a lasting impression.

We also offer cryo handguns, confetti cannons, and streamers to further enhance the experience. Cryo handguns produce thrilling bursts of cold air, enveloping the stage and creating a sense of wonder. Confetti blasts fill the air with vibrant colors, bringing joy and celebration to the performance. Streamers cascade through the venue, adding a dynamic visual element that accentuates the excitement.

By incorporating special effects at your event, you can add an extra layer of excitement and engagement to the overall audience experience.

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